Roofing 101

Graduation Cap & Diploma At Roof Right Solutions, we don't want you to fall into the Roofing Contractor trap of a
"good deal" instead of a "good job".

At Roof Right, your roofing education is important to us. That is why we would like to remind you that in your search for a good Calgary roofing contractor, you may come across what appears to be "a great deal", but in order to provide this "great deal", the Calgary roofing contractor will need to cut corners in order to complete the job. Instead of working based solely on price (which we have a 105% price match guarantee in place), we also guarantee to our customers that we will provide an honest appraisal of their roofing situation. As a Calgary Roofing contractor it is our goal to always provide the best quality job, at a fair price, and with it all backed up with our incredible 15-year warranty! Installing the roof is one of the most critical aspects of building a home. Most homeowners want a roof that looks good, is long lasting and requires little maintenance and falls within their budget. Roofs that are not installed professionally by a licensed contractor may provide inadequate insulation for your home and poor protection from the elements. Without adequate maintenance, your roof may require frequent repairs and this will substantially shorten the lifespan of your new roof! This means you may have to replace your new roof after only 10 or 15 years! Professional installation by a licensed and certified Calgary roofing contractor can save you - the homeowner - a substantial amount in repair and maintenance costs. This also creates a lower environmental impact and places less demand on energy and natural resources. At Roof Right, we like to think that just like a car, your roof system is built from various parts that all have to work in harmony together. Your roof system is only as strong as the weakest component. Here are the basics of what makes up your Roof:Roof Right Roof Systems Sheathing (Deck) The Sheathing (or deck) is the foundation to a sound and attractive roof. Over time the original sheathing may have deteriorated if moisture has found its way under the shingles and/or there is not adequate ventilation. At Roof Right we do not recommend placing new shingles over old shingles for several reasons:
  • a) the manufacturer's warranty may be voided if the new shingles are not laid directly onto a proper sheathing/deck
  • b) the final roof will probably not be as attractive because it will not lay flat due to the old roof underneath
  • c) ideally it is best to remove all materials down to the original sheathing to verify that it remains solid.
Underlay On a low pitch roof, there is often damage caused by ice and snow build-up during the regular Canadian winter's freeze-and-thaw cycles. Tar paper (which can also be called 'eave protection') is laid along all low pitch eaves.This provides enhanced protection ice and water and is a standard in our quoting and installation. Shingles The decision as to what type of shingle to lay will be dependent partially on your budget and partially on the style of your roof. At Roof Right we use durable, beautiful and attractive asphalt shingles that can match the style of any roof. Chimneys & Skylights Chimneys and skylights are areas that need special attention in order to ensure there are no leaks. Depending on the construction of your home, various types of metal flashings, ice and water protection, caulking and/or torch-down may be required to properly protect your house from leaks. Valleys Valleys in your roof will wear out before any other portion of your roof due to the volume of water that drains through these areas. At Roof Right we recommend metal flashing in valleys "with an ice and water shield underlay". Vents Venting is critical to ensure a healthy house. While there are several different styles of vents such as whirlybird or ridge vents, we will help you determine the best venting system for your house.
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