Warning Signs of Roof Issues

At Roof Right, we want to provide you with a better understanding of the Top 7 Warning Signs
that your roof may have roof repair issues that need to be dealt with.

There are many roof repair warning signs to look out for. So if you notice any of these roof repair warning signs at your home, contact us today to get your free roof analysis.

1 - Curling:

Generally, curling shingles are caused by ventilation issues and the shingles baked from the inside out. Over time, this heat causes the sealants on the back of the shingles to detach from the course underneath and the shingle starts to shrink and curl up. When corners are raised, the shingles are less resistant to the action of ice and wind. warning-01-curling

2 - Clawing:

Clawing occurs when the bottom of shingles shrinks on itself. It is a sign of aging or really poor attic ventilation and it creates humps that may act as a dam that allows water to accumulate and soak into the roof. The curved part is also sensitive to the action of wind, hail or ice and may be thorn off. warning-02-clawing 3 - Buckling: Buckling is waviness visible in the horizontal lines of the shingles. Most of the buckling is due to poor attic ventilation and the use of thinner than recommended roof deck. Prolonged rainfall onto a shallow slope with buckled shingles may allow water penetration and runoff that soaks through the shingles. This exposure forms buckling that can let the wind enter the cracks and could easily result in shingles being blown off. Warning Signs - Buckling 4 - Blistering: Blistering is generally caused by deterioration due to age and appears as bubbles on the surface of the shingles. Blistering reduces the potential service life of the shingle and when the blisters of the bubble break, it creates a cavity in the asphalt and water penetration is inevitable. warning-04-blistering 5 - Missing shingles:

Missing Shingles are the most obvious sign of wind damage. When shingles are blown from your roof, it basically means that they have become dislodged. This indicates that the roofing shingles have lost their tinsel strength and the sealant is no longer binding them together - which then makes them very susceptible to more damage.


 6 - Loss of granule: It might be time for a new roof in the event you see a great deal of loose granules in the eaves-trough or at the exhaust locations of your downspouts following a storm. Granules defend the asphalt and fiberglass mats from the UV rays of the sun. So if a significant amount of granules are found, it basically means that the life expectancy of your shingles has come to the end. warning-06-loss-of-granule-2 7 - Hail damage: Hail damage is a common complaint across Calgary and there is no way to control it. Hail Damage to asphalt shingles occurs when the shingle suffers granule loss or bruising of the matting exposing a cavity to the water. Hail damage is often covered by your insurance company but you need to provide them with the right evidence to get the compensation you deserve. warning-07-hail-damage
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