Roof Systems

roofing-101A roof isn't just a something that is nailed to the top of your home!

At Roof Right Solutions, we know that your roof is probably the single most important piece of technology protecting you and your home from Calgary's weather extremes. It is important that all the elements of your roofing system must work together to keep water infiltrating and damaging your home. Most damage is not due to individual shingle failure but to a deficiency in one or more of the other elements of your roof system.   At Roof Right Solutions, we feel it is important for you to become familiar with key elements of your roof system to ensure that the work done by the roofing contractor on your home is correct and safe. Knowing the elements and the reasoning behind installing each of the elements can safeguard you from allowing the roofing contractor to install a system that may be cheaper initially but will end up being MORE expensive in the long run.


Underlayment's purpose is to prolong a roof's life as its major purpose is to prevent water from penetrating to the roof deck so that no ice or water remain on the roof. You should not install a roof underlayment without making sure it is installed properly. This will ensure that water does not pool. Also, this will ensure that Calgary's long lasting winter snow does not damage your roof deck. Since there are two types of underlayment and Roof Right Solutions uses both to ensure your protection from our seasons:

Synthetic Underlay
  • This material is a coated woven synthetic used on slopped roofs. It's strength will offer a lot more durability than regular asphalt felt/tar paper (black paper). It SHOULD be installed to cover your entire roof perimeter. This is a corner cut by some contractors, and without it, it could be extremely detrimental to your roof's health.

``Roof Right Solutions understands the importance of Synthetic Underlay and will cover your entire roof deck before application! ``

  Ice and Water Shield
  • This is crucial in our rough Canadian climate and especially in Calgary's volatile and unpredictable weather. Because of the constant freeze-thaw cycle, the ice/water membrane should be installed on the bare wood of the drip edges of the roof to prevent water from wicking up under the shingles and then freezing and cracking the shingles. If this is installed poorly or there is a lack of it altogether, you can guarantee the life of your roof will drop dramatically.

``In Calgary with our unpredictable weather, it is crucial to ensure your contractor is applying this properly and effectively! ``

  Drip Edge
  • The drip edges are corner shaped metal strips. These allow water to run cleanly off the roof edge. Without a drip edge, water may run down the side of the exterior fascia and siding -- causing stains and eventual damage. The drip edge also supports the part of the shingle that extends past the decking. This is a crucial part of the roofing system and must be installed properly.

``Roof Right Solutions takes the time to ensure that all drip edges are properly installed. This eliminates unnecessary damage to your home! ``



  • Ventilation issues are the second reason why a roof's life can be shortened dramatically (the first being a poor installation by your roofing contractor). Proper ventilation will reduce moisture in the attic and keep the temperature more consistent during the winter months. This will, in turn, lead to less ice formation in the eave portion of your home.

``Roof Right Solutions follows the proper ventilation guide. This consists of 1 sq ft of ventilation for every 300 sq ft of attic floor space.

  Air Vents
  • There are several different types and styles of air vents. It is important to have an expert access your roof system and choose the appropriate ventilation system for your home.
  • Flashing is an important element of your roof system. It is used to seal and protect joints on your roof deck from water penetration. These joints are among the most vulnerable areas of roofing systems in the constant expansion and contraction response to changes in the temperature. They operate on the principle that in order to penetrate a joint, water must work itself upward against the force of gravity. A good majority of leaks start with these areas. Flashing can deteriorate due to weather conditions but if not properly installed from the start, it can take years off your roof life. Roof Right Solutions will take the proper steps to ensure your flashing is secure and can stand up against Alberta's climate changes. Roof Right Solutions uses 26 gauge valley flashing with all premium offered shingles to withstand Calgary storms and hail.
  • There are a variety of choices of shingles available on the market. The proper selection of the right shingle and the installation of the correct roofing materials will be the final determining factor to your roof's lifespan. Along with the different materials, there are also different quality and warranties that apply to this selection. Roof Right Solutions offers a wide variety of shingles for your Calgary roofing project!

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